Jazz Age

Jazz Age

I’m going to start this series with a tour of Sechelt Inlet which my family and I have explored by kayak and on our 1930’s wooden boat, Jazz Age.  The head of the inlet is just a couple of kilometers from our home and the entire inlet is an amazing body of water.  It extends north from the town of Sechelt BC, through the Skookumchuck tidal rapids to Egmont, a distance of about 20 miles (32 km).  Branching off the right side of the inlet are two other inlets, Salmon (14 miles – 23 km long) and Narrows (9 miles -15 km long).

I’ll be sharing photos of our explorations during the past several years and I hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did.



    • The boat was literally a dream come true. After reading ‘A Curve of Time’ by M. Wylie Blanchet many years ago we had a deep seated desire to do some coastal exploring ourselves but were always a little bit fearful to do so. One day after a long kayak trip we realized we wanted to go further and see more so decided a boat would be the answer. Within days we found Jazz Age and it was love at first sight. It turned out to be the perfect boat for us – slow, seaworthy, beautiful and economical. However, old wooden boats are extremely time consuming and labour intensive. After 3 years of boating our acreage was getting sorely neglected so we decided to give it up. Still have the kayaks though.

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