Porpoise Bay

Porpoise Bay

I guess the best place to start is from where Jazz Age used to be moored at the Lighthouse Marina. I say used to be because we sold the boat last year in order to spend more time playing on our acreage.

The marina is located at the head of the inlet within the town of Sechelt and this area is called Porpoise Bay. The photograph is looking up the east side of Sechelt Inlet. On the left is a seaplane just about to take off. There is a seaplane base at the dock and the planes fly to and from Vancouver and Vancouver Island. To the left of center is Mount Richardson.

The east side of the inlet has a 6 mile (9 km) road paralleling the shoreline and the west side has about a 3 mile (5 km) road. Beyond those points there is no road access to the Inlet and you leave civilization behind.



  1. We just bought the Jazz Age we are going to bring her back to looking as good as you had her any clue where the little row boat ended up?

    • Hi Steve – congratulations on your purchase. Jazz Age is a beautiful boat and I’m sure you will enjoy her! We sold the dinghy with Jazz Age so I don’t know where it got to. Just before we bought Jazz Age someone had backed into the dinghy so I had to do a bit of restoration but it was a great little boat. We look back on our time with Jazz Age with nostalgia and fond memories – a wonderful time in our life. Good luck!

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