The Blue Heron Inn

Blue Heron Inn Deck

On the east side of the Porpoise Bay, a very short cruise on a slow boat brings us to the Blue Heron Inn where restaurateurs Manuel and Gail Mederios serve up some of the best meals on the Sunshine Coast.  The views up Sechelt Inlet are as spectacular as the meals.  On this particular evening our table was a stone’s throw from the ocean.  On the pier three young turkey vultures perched on the railing, every so often flying onto the beach to snack on something only vultures would eat.  Above us, in a tall fir, sat a boisterous bald eagle obviously upset by the presence of the trio.  Now and then the eagle would swoop down and try to scare the turkey vultures off but they held fast.  Later a mother common merganser came swimming by with her eight chicks, some taking rides on her back in order to have a bit of a rest.  For the finale a large flock of Canada geese paddled past and sailed off into the golden sunset – a great show and a perfect end to the evening.

Blue Heron Inn Wharf



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