A Word or Two About Turkey Vultures

A Word or Two About Turkey Vultures

If you put a bag over it’s head a turkey vulture is a fine looking bird. They are a common sight on the Sunshine Coast between April and September, often riding the warm air currents along the shoreline of Sechelt Inlet. Standing just over two feet tall, from the neck down they are a majestic bird with attractive plumage and a long, broad wingspan, distinctive due to the finger-like wing tips. With their acute sense of smell they are beneficial for cleaning up dead fish, seals or whatever else might be lying on the beach. From the neck up it has a face only a mother can love with a head that turns from grey to red in colour as the bird matures and is mostly bald helping the bird keep clean after dining.

Turkey Vulture (1)_watermarked



  1. We get a few of these in the Okanagan as well. Started to see them at the beginning of the last decade after a few very hot summers seemed to have extended their range farther north.

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