A Word About the Weather


Looking back at the photos on these posts I noticed that the water is glassy calm in all of them so a bit of advice for would-be kayakers and canoeists.  Sechelt Inlet and offshoots are often calm for paddling but caution must be taken in the Summer months.  As the land heats up and the hot air rises, cooler sea air moves in off the ocean.  This can create strong westerly winds funnelling through the inlets making paddling hard work.  This is particularly true when heading north and trying to cross the mouths of Salmon Inlet and Narrows Inlet.  We’ve had some unpleasant times even in our 36′ boat so you don’t want to try it in a kayak.  On hot summer days it is advisable to set out early in the morning when it is calm and if the wind picks up, find somewhere to settle.  Once the sun starts to set and the land cools the winds will die again leaving time for some evening paddling.


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