Seven Mile Pictographs

Continuing north from Tuwanek Beach Marine Park about 1 mile (1.6 km) you come to Oyster Beach Marine Park that has 3 or 4 tent sites, a fire pit, an outhouse but no water.  It has the same problem of poor anchorage for your boat on windy days but great for day trips.

7 Mile Picto 2_watermarked

Another .6 miles (1 km) – 7 miles from Porpoise Bay wharf – takes you past an oyster farm where you will see blue barrels anchored in rows.  At the northerly point of the farm you will find a pair of pictographs on a rock bluff.  These two paintings are fairly basic and I have heard two theories as to their purpose.  The first is that the paintings depict Tchain’-ko, the Sea-Serpent, god of the waters.  The story goes that this marks where a shíshálh (Sechelt) hunter was drowned by a porpoise that he had harpooned and when the people later passed by the area they noticed a fresh scar on the mountainside above the site, something only Tchain’-ko could do.

7 Mile Picto 3_watermarked

The second thought is that these pictographs let others know that there was good fishing here. Not quite as dramatic.

7 Mile Picto 1_watermarked


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