Nine Mile Marine Park

A couple of bays north of the pictographs you arrive at Nine Mile Point Marine Park, one of our favourite kayaking destinations in the Inlet.  The campsite is split in two by a good sized creek.  We use the creek for keeping food and beverages cool and use the water for cooking.  There are numerous tent sites, two fire pits, a bear cache and one outhouse.  Harbour seals can often be found at the point just to the north.  Beautiful views up and down the Inlet and another great spot to watch the sunsets.  As with the other campsites, overnight boat anchorage is not a good idea.

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  1. Thanks for the great memory! You didn’t mention our food floating out to sea when the tide washed it out of the creek. Luckily we rescued it all as we returned from our moonlight paddle.

    • You’re right! We went for an incredible moonlight paddle and when the moon set the phosphorescence in the water was amazing. The entire underside of the kayaks glowed and in shallower water it was possible to see bottom. As small fish darted away from the kayaks they were followed by a bright light trail. The tide had come up very high and flooded the creek. As we were paddling, we bumped into something and it turned out to be our food cache and wine that we had left in the creek.

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