Leaving Jervis Inlet

Travelling 28 miles (45 km) south from Deserted Bay, passing more majestic scenery, brings us back to the ‘intersection’ of Jervis Inlet, Sechelt Inlet and Agamemnon Channel.  There are just a couple of stops to see in Agamemnon Channel before returning home to Sechelt Inlet.

Princess Royal Reach 10

Princess Royal Reach Mountains

Agamemnon Channel is a 9.95 mile (16 km) narrow channel separating Nelson Island from the mainland.  At the southern end it opens out into Malaspina Strait which lies between Nelson Island and Texada Island.  Because of it’s narrowness Agamemnon is affected by the tides and, while they aren’t a problem for power boats, kayakers may want to check the tide charts before passing through.  It is a much easier paddle when going with the tide rather than fighting it.

At the northern end of Agamemnon, on the mainland side, is the BC Ferry Terminal at Earl’s Cove.  From there you can take a ferry to Powell River, BC.  Very near to the ferry terminal are a set of pictographs thought to be the oldest pictographs in all the inlets.

5 miles (8 km) south of the Earl’s Cove pictographs are another set found in a cave about 15 feet above sea level.

Continuing south out of Agamemnon there are other pictographs to be found in the area as this was a major gathering place for the shíshálh (Sechelt) in the winter months.



  1. Hello Kenneth, I can’t find a contact box on here. I volunteer with a non profit organisation called the Megalithic Portal. We compile a worldwide map of ancient sites, and these petroglyphs are really fascinating. I am creating pages to show approximately where they are, eg here
    I wonder if you would allow us to display a few of your images of the petroglyphs on them?
    Many thanks

  2. Oh Kenneth, I’m glad I found your blog. THis is going to come in handy. My son and I just bought 32′ Westerly and are moving on fulltime this spring. I’m a photographer in the San Juan Islands and planned on searching out warmer waters of DEsolation Sound in late August but its looking like Jervis because its closer maybe just as fascinating. the pictographs for one, but I wondering about ease of access to getting above treeline. do you have any favorite hikes to get up high and camp out around some barren granite scrambling? Thanks for any tips. Hope to get a conversation started. adam nash Let me know if you like to exchange some good trip info for a portrait of your self when I sail your place. 🙂

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