KenI bought my first camera in 1969, a Canon 35mm.  The majority of the photos I took then were portraits and I shot almost entirely in black and white.  I did quite well with my photography, even managing to get on the cover of Billboard magazine.  In 1972 I moved to a small coastal town north of Vancouver, BC.  For some reason over the next few years I lost interest in photography and rarely took a photo.  In the late 80’s I started painting (watercolour) and would photograph my subject first to paint from.  My paintings are either close-up still life or scenery.  I found I was using my camera more and more and eventually (and at first reluctantly) went digital.  The versatility of digital cameras rekindled my interest in photography and I have now moved away from black and white and portraiture to shoot the natural beauty in the area I now live.



    • It was cool at the time though by then I was getting a little disillusioned with commercial photography. I just wanted to be an artist and sell my photographs but, in order to make a living, I had to decide if I wanted to make the compromise and continue to do commercial work. I eventually decided that if I couldn’t do my photos my way then I wouldn’t do any and that is when I stopped altogether for many years. Now I have the luxury of enjoying doing photography for my pleasure and I’m contented to be able to share it with others via the Internet.

  1. Digital photography is more fun….because…
    I can take a lot of photos, keep the ones I really love, and simply delete the rest.
    Back in the ‘olden days’, I couldn’t tell if I had really good pictures until I printed them out.
    Sometimes it was a disappointment. Now, with the digital, I can look immediately.
    If its blurry, delete and aim again.

    • Thanks for commenting Mary! Without a doubt digital is now the way to go and mainly for the reasons you mention. I’d be impoverished if I had to pay for all the photos I have wasted. By the way, I see that you are now following my kennethmcmillan blog. That series is now finished and I won’t be adding to it so may I suggest you follow Hard-To-Come-By Lifestyle or Visual Montage instead. Thanks.

  2. Thanx for the very good pics of Jervis and especially Baker bay and Hotham. I am thinking of buying the Baker bay property as a off grid retirement haven. I am an old salt and have worked in all kinds of boats over the coast I must say I like your vessel the Jazz Age
    Not many like her around these days
    If you ever plan to sell her let me know I am on skype at jpheywood or ecolog7@gmail.com
    I a, in south america now

  3. Hi Kenneth,

    I’m interested in using one of your photographs and would like to discuss permission with you.

    Thank you!

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